Spinner Galactic

Endless Arcade Orbiter

My third game as the design half of Backabit! Conquer a colorful and quirky galaxy by boosting from planet to planet as soon as your orbit points you in the right direction. Avoid asteroids, pass pacing planetoids and collect coins to unlock strange and comical crewmates in your quest to claim the most worlds and earn a high score.

Cloud Four

Website and Pattern Library

In addition to my role as Partner and VP of Design, I had the pleasure of leading a redesign of our well-regarded and frequently cited website using a modern, pattern-based process. To make things more interesting, we conducted every step of the redesign (including day-to-day discussions and feedback) in public.


Addictive Physics Puzzler

The first release from Backabit and an early App Store hit, Apple called Ramps “a simple and stylish physics puzzler that you won’t want to put down.” It was featured as an iPhone Game of the Week, peaking at number eight in the Top Paid charts.

Walmart Grocery

Responsive Web Prototype

Although my team at Cloud Four has contributed a variety of responsive improvements to Walmart.com, my favorite project was prototyping responsive versions of existing Walmart Grocery interfaces. The challenge of taking a complicated interaction like scheduled delivery and condensing it to a smaller space was extremely rewarding, and it became a great testbed for improvements we’d recommend for their cart and checkout.


iMessage Sticker Pack

When Apple debuted sticker packs for iMessage, I knew I had to translate my lifelong habit of compulsively doodling cartoony faces into something I could send to friends and family.

Responsive Field Day

Event Website

Inspired by Jeremy Keith’s Responsive Day Out event in Brighton, our team at Cloud Four decided to plan our own single-day event. We designed and built the website along with other aesthetic elements like illustrations, interstitial slides and even an intermission playlist.

Lotsa Blocks

Block-Stacking Game

A quirkier, cartoonier follow-up to Ramps, launching with seven (!!) different game modes (four single-player and three multiplayer). This game was challenging to make but really stretched my traditional animation and UI design muscles.

Sasquatch! Music Festival

Event Website

Not even a year after A List Apart published Ethan Marcotte’s original Responsive Web Design article, our small team at WE Communications launched a responsive redesign for Sasquatch! Music Festival. Armed with a wealth of artwork by Invisible Creature, we designed and built a super-fancy site featuring 3D animations, persistent music playback and custom schedule sharing, all of it responsive. Our work won various industry awards, was featured in the pages of HOW and was even shortlisted for the 2011 Net Awards’ Redesign of the Year.