With Cloud Four

Co-owner & Creative Director, 2013–Present


Responsive Design

The responsive Walmart Grocery scheduling interface displayed on an iPhone against a backdrop of the widescreen experience.

My team worked with the world’s largest retailer to guide their transition to responsive design, starting with Walmart Grocery before expanding to cart, checkout and beyond.

We used in-browser prototypes to quickly explore and validate our ideas. I’m especially proud of the grocery scheduling interface, which used animation to effectively translate a complex desktop experience to smaller screens.

Baptist Health

Multi-brand Design System

Side-by-side iPhones showing the home pages for Baptist Health and Wolfson Children's Hospital, both constructed from the same design system.

Baptist Health is a large healthcare system providing care in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. My team designed and built their design system in steps, incorporating one web experience at a time. This kept our focus on the highest priority elements and allowed us to ship results with each iteration, starting with Wolfson Children’s Hospital (which had the most immediate needs) before expanding to include the main Baptist Health website and beyond.

Champion Power Equipment

Web Design & Development

A cropped detail of the Champion Power Equipment website navigation with the product category section expanded.

We designed, built and launched a responsive redesign for Champion Power Equipment using a pattern-based approach. Features of note include a responsive “Priority Plus” menu bar for speedy navigation, faceted search, detailed product comparisons and guided product discovery, which generates as many organic leads for home standby generators as paid search campaigns!

With Backabit

Co-founder & Lead Designer, 2010–Present

Spinner Galactic

Endless Arcade Orbiter

The game's hapless player character orbits a row of successive planets.

My third game as the design half of Backabit! Conquer a colorful and quirky galaxy by boosting from planet to planet as soon as your orbit points you in the right direction. Avoid asteroids, pass pacing planetoids and collect coins to unlock strange and comical crewmates in your quest to claim the most worlds and earn a high score.


Addictive Physics Puzzler

A ball rolls down a series of two inclines toward a goal bucket, with a robot piranha in the way and dangerous lava below.

The first release from Backabit and an early App Store hit, Apple called Ramps “a simple and stylish physics puzzler that you won’t want to put down.” It was featured as an iPhone Game of the Week, peaking at number eight in the Top Paid charts.

Angry Birds fans, check out the ‘Ramps’ app. Walt & I have spent many fun hours on it.

Lotsa Blocks

Block-Stacking Game

A messy pile of blocks, each with different colors and facial expressions, balanced on a platform against a seaside backdrop.

A quirkier, cartoonier follow-up to Ramps, launching with seven (!!) different game modes (four single-player and three multiplayer). This game was challenging to make but really stretched my traditional animation and UI design muscles.

Additional Projects

Sasquatch! Music Festival

Event Website

The Sasquatch! Music Festival homepage with large, illustrative navigation elements and a fixed music player bar along the bottom.

Not even a year after A List Apart published Ethan Marcotte’s original Responsive Web Design article, our small team at WE Communications launched a responsive redesign for Sasquatch! Music Festival. Armed with a wealth of artwork by Invisible Creature, we designed and built a super-fancy site featuring 3D animations, persistent music playback and custom schedule sharing, all of it responsive. Our work won various industry awards, was featured in the pages of HOW and was even shortlisted for the 2011 Net Awards’ Redesign of the Year.


Web App

A grid of rotated color swatches from the Colorpeek web app.

I made Colorpeek on my own to solve a problem I had sharing colors with developers. Later, I enhanced its usefulness by debuting a Chrome extension on CSS-Tricks and features like drag-and-drop images. It continues to attract an audience of designers and developers who appreciate its speed and simplicity… myself among them!