Whoosh! This site now uses jQuery

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Version 10.17 racing by version 10.16.

The original version of the Tyler Sticka experience you’re (hopefully) enjoying this very minute was crafted without a scrap of JavaScript when viewed in a modern browser. Sickened by the amount of designer portfolios reeking of gratuitous and uninspired Flash animation, I wanted my design to stand in stark defiance, crafted only with good ol’ XHTML and CSS (delivered via WordPress, of course).

But decisions born of principal, while challenging and rewarding, are not necessarily synonymous with actual experience design decisions. There was an opportunity to use the remarkable jQuery library to make the portfolio items more immediate and visually interesting, and I’d be a fool not to take advantage of that.

You can see the effect in action by visiting any portfolio piece with multiple images, such as this one. If you take a look around, you may notice one or two other changes as well.

I’ve also added support for Google Chrome Frame, which will allow users of Internet Explorer 6 who are unable (or unwilling) to upgrade to experience the new additions without entirely disrupting their browser. That being said, I highly recommend upgrading to a modern browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 8 or Safari) whenever possible.

See? I really can’t stop tinkering.