What I learned from US Digital

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Yesterday was my last day at US Digital, and the good will I felt from all of my co-workers there was wonderful. I arrived at my office to find it decorated in a matter only Dwight Schrute could have orchestrated:


Sitting on my desk (between the drab brown and gray balloons) was a box full of maple bars. Over the course of the day I would shake more hands and receive more kind words than I ever could have hoped for. Their graciousness has been overwhelming.

As I enter this new chapter in my continuing relationship with interaction design, I’d be remiss not to reflect on a few of the lessons I learned while working for this remarkable company.

I’m sure those are only a handful of the lessons I’ll take with me, but it will have to do for the time-being. I want to thank everyone I worked with at US Digital for the opportunity, and especially my design cohorts Peter Wooley and Erik Jung. You are so immensely talented—it was an honor to have worked with you.