WebVisions Epilogue (Slides, comics and more!)

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Graphic Storytelling in New Media session at this week’s WebVisions conference. I couldn’t have asked for a better audience, both in the presentation’s reception and the thought-provoking Q&A that followed.

Attendees requested that I post the session’s slides with links to the comics I talked about. You deserve no less!

The Presentation

My slides are very visual, with nary a bullet point in sight. I've been told the session was recorded and will be available as a podcast; until then, these might be confusing out of context. I'll update this post with a link to the audio when it becomes available.

[slideshare 1475662 425 355]


Here are the best links I could find for the comics I mentioned, in order of appearance.

Warning: Many of these titles are not recommended for younger readers. Explore at your own risk!

Man, that’s a lot of comics! You can find my webcomics work in the extras section of this site.  Stan the Cat Goes Nuts!, Blip, Plod and Future Tale explore some of the infinite canvas techniques we discussed.

If you’re looking for comics in Portland, I would highly recommend the stores Floating World and Excalibur.

Other Stuff

I had a blast being interviewed on Strange Love Live. Cami, Kelly and Dr. Normal were all incredibly nice, and the tone was very relaxed and conversational. Allegedly, my interview exists somewhere in one of the two videos featured here, but my scrubbing did not reveal it. If you manage to unearth it, please post the timestamp in the comments!

Portwiture did not win the Mashup or Peoples’ Choice WebVisionary Awards. Luckily, we lost to a very capable adversary: the wonderful Twitter emotionscape-mapping Twendz. Congratulations to Waggener Edstrom for the double win!

img_0179The evening was not without it’s victories. Mallory and I had the chance to hang with Bram Pitoyo, Jason Grigsby, Amber Case and Matt Allen, which is always a good time. But perhaps most geektastic for me was finally getting to meet Dave Allen!

Dave’s an undeniably cool guy. He’s responsible for the excellent music and MP3 site Pampelmoose and the Director of Insights & Media at the always-impressive Nemo Design. But most importantly to me, Dave helped craft some of my favorite rock albums as the bass player for the seminal post-punk band Gang of Four. His thumping, primal sound is mimicked constantly by contemporary bands; it was thrilling to meet the man behind it, as evidenced by my goofy grin in the photo!

Your turn!

Did you attend the presentation? Jill Bruhn said it was her favorite part of WebVisions. Julie Cabinaw thought I was passionate, but wasn't sure what to take from it. What'd you think? Better yet, what comics, film, music, art or web sites have moved you? Sound off in the comments!