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An Event Apart San Diego

This is the cliché, inevitable “sorry I haven’t been updating very much” post.  I still adore blogging and am not quite ready to become a Tumblr convert or anything. I’ve just been engrossed in some pretty exciting stuff!

This Summer I was promoted to Lead Experience Designer at Waggener Edstrom Studio D, where I manage an awesome team of designers creating web sites, infographics, branding and more. While I can’t share any of the cool stuff we’re working on yet, I can share my team’s blog where we post all manner of strange things.

Visitors of this site are probably familiar with Ramps, the game I made as a student project back in 2007 (according to my analytics, it’s still by far the most popular thing on this domain). I’m excited to say I’m finally building a follow-up in collaboration with developer Tim Sears. It’ll be for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and we’re aiming for a December release, right in time for the holidays. Stay tuned!

I was thrilled to attend An Event Apart San Diego this year, where I had the chance to meet and briefly chat with Jeffrey Zeldman (picture above), Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Ethan Marcotte and Andy Clarke. It was an amazingly insightful and well-rounded event, I highly recommend it.

I went down to San Diego early so I could see Gorillaz live (great seats, huh?), followed by a trip to the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. I captured some of the lively critters on video:

A redesign of this site has been in the works for a while, but is progressing slowly amongst other projects. Forrst members are welcome to take a peek and offer feedback.

I’ve collected and organized the data I captured from the live audience at CyborgCamp Portland. I have a mostly finished interface that uses HTML5 video and canvas to show a live timeline of points of feedback in sync with the original montage, but am struggling with performance on a live server. As soon as I resolve that, it’ll be published for your enjoyment and consumption.

This blog is near and dear to me, and will surely be more lively following the redesign, which I hope to complete early next year. Until then, watch this space for updates to the above projects, and remember you can always follow me on Twitter for frequent, bite-size snippets of goodness.