TweetDeck Replacement Icons

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TweetDeck Replacement Icons Preview

Like many Twitter users, I’m a big fan of the Adobe AIR application TweetDeck, which allows users to manage an overwhelming stream of content through the creation of custom groups. The application icon has never fit particularly well on my desktop, so I designed a new one.

I love TweetDeck’s default noir-ish black theme, but the black icon often “sunk” into the icon or taskbar (especially for Vista users). The new icon takes many value cues from the application itself, but in a counter shape forgiving of varying desktops and themes. And since users are allowed to skin the interface with their own custom colors, why not include a few different flavors as well?

If you’d like to use these icons yourself, you can download the ZIP file (579kb) containing all six colors in ICO, ICNS and PNG formats. Enjoy!

Update (4/11): There’s an updated set of TweetDeck icons designed to be more in line with the application’s current aesthetic.