Something new!

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Today I say “au revoir” to Waggener Edstrom’s digital services design team. Starting Monday, I’ll be Lead Creative Designer at a shiny new startup building nifty apps for mobile platforms and the web.

The past three years have been incredibly rewarding. I gained a ton of experience working on a variety of different projects with many different clients. I learned how to provide leadership and creative direction while maintaining my role as a contributing designer, a notoriously difficult balance to strike. Most of all, I benefited from the talents and personalities of my collaborators… without a doubt, one of the best teams I’ve ever had. Thank you for such a wonderful journey.

This new opportunity will allow me to focus on designing for iOS, Android and the web while combining my interests in interface design and character animation. I’m looking forward to the challenge, and I’m excited to show what we’re cooking up in the coming months.

If that sounds fun to you, too, we’re hiring.