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Photo by nancyr10Thanks to everyone who came to my session on Friday and the fine folks at WebVisions for having me! I was nervous to give my first brand-new talk since 2011 (!!), but judging from the kind responses I’ve heard from attendees, I probably could have fretted just a little less.

My slides are on Speaker Deck (embedded below) and I’ve included some additional linkage and notes in this very post.

If you missed me at WebVisions, fear not! I’m scheduled to speak at Refresh Portland next month. I’ll post more details about that soon.

  1. Title slide is a stylized version of Detective Comics No. 38 (credited to Bob Kane).
  2. Image created by Mark Jensen based on a photograph by Matt Biddulph.
  3. Still of Bill Lumbergh from the now-classic Office Space.
  4. My source for this quote is Lifehacker.
  5. I don't actually know which Call of Duty game this is a screenshot of.
  6. Still from Empire Strikes Back.
  7. You may recognize this rabbit from my second game.
  8. Quote taken from a 2009 interview with Drew on The Dropbox Blog.
  9. The quote is from Indie Game: The Movie, the artwork is from Super Meat Boy.
  10. The backdrop is from the website for the wonderful little Perch CMS, the quote is from Perch co-creator Rachel Andrew's equally wonderful book.
  11. Getting Things Done by David Allen, The Pomodoro Technique by Frencesco Cirillo.
  12. Links to image sources: Sarah Parmenter, Massimo Vignelli, Matias Corea and David Gardner.
  13. This photo of Rachel is used in a lot of places, but the high-res version was found in this event description.
  14. Jack Kirby quote is from another Lifehacker article, photo by Suzy Skaar is from Wikimedia Commons.
  15. J.K. Rowling said this as part of her Harvard commencement address. Photo found on Wikimedia Commons, taken by Daniel Ogren.
  16. Screenshot of my We Draw Comics profile.
  17. Hooray for memes in HD!
  18. I hope I don't have to tell you who these four are.
  19. Photo taken by Kent Derek.
  20. This quote is from A Man Without a Country, the illustration is Vonnegut's rather famous signature.
  21. Closing slide is a stylized version of Star Spangled Comics No. 65. As near as I can tell, the cover art is credited to Win Mortimer.

I’m grateful for these lovely icons from The Noun Project, available for free under a Creative Commons Attribution license:

Typefaces used are the same as my website, Depot New Condensed and Source Sans Pro. Occasional bits of cartoony text are in Comicraft’s Scott McCloud face.