Reminder: Workshop at WebVisions

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tsticka_workshop_slides-1.jpgThe Control Freak’s Guide to Design for the Web happens this Thursday, 9:00am (iCal) at the Oregon Convention Center as part of the WebVisions conference, and I couldn’t be any more excited to share this presentation with you. It’s going to be fast-paced, fun and extremely visual, with a good mixture of conceptual design theory and down-and-dirty practical techniques for maintaining your vision against overwhelming odds.

This workshop is in many ways a culmination of the thoughts and ideas I spotlighted in my Designing Internet Text course for Art Institute and This is Not a Graphic Design. I think it’ll be valuable to all in attendance, and there’s still time to register!

The conference as a whole looks to be great this year (I’m really looking forward to Searn Larkin’s Drupal talk), and don’t forget to check out the WebVisionary Awards Thursday evening. See you there!