I’ll be discussing team management at PDX Interactive tomorrow

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PDX Interactive is hosting “An Open Discussion on Managing Interactive Teams” at The Art Institute of Portland tomorrow night at 7pm. I’ll be on a panel with folks from McAfee, The Good and SuperStar Media to chat about our experiences as managers of interaction-minded people. Admission is free (yay!).

I started managing designers in an agency environment with large, corporate clients. I recently transitioned to a remote position at a stealth startup, working on products with collaborators who are often thousands of miles away. The shift has reinforced some of my preconceptions about creative leadership while disrupting others. I’m excited to discuss the topic.

(I’ve heard through the grapevine that the moderator will be Dan Chapman, who was one of my professors in college. He taught me how to make my first prototypes for Ramps. So, bonus positive vibes.)

Event info and RSVP