Not Quite 10 Years in Journalism

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The latter part of this decade was when I finally started blogging regularly. I recently took a look at my site analytics to discover which journal entries had been most well-received since their publication.

Most Popular Entries

  1. TweetDeck Replacement Icons
  2. Remember the Milk Favicon Redesign
  3. WordPress-Powered Portfolios: Slides & Snippets
  4. cufón vs sIFR (A Visual Comparison)
  5. New TweetDeck Replacement Icons

The WordPress-Powered Portfolios entry also received the most comments. My least popular entry? This WebVisions workshop reminder from May of 2008.

When I pushed an earlier iteration of this design live almost a year ago, one of the features I was most excited to introduce was the ability to comment on journal entries. I want to thank, in chronological order, each and every commenter who volunteered their thoughts, opinions, ideas and time to this space. I am humbled by your involvement, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

Names are taken from each comment author’s “name” or “URL” field and not from their email, out of respect for their privacy. If you’d like your name changed in this list, please comment or contact me. Each name links to the author’s first comment on this site.

Thank you Jason Grlicky, Matt Lohkamp, Bruce Colthart, John Brown, Erik Jung, Kristy, Amber Case, Michael Sigler, Terra, Matt Youell, Bryan, Peter Wooley, Vin Thomas, Mallory, Joshua Barton, Sandi Wooley, Michael Reese, Jordan Thompson, Noah Murphy, David Stewart, chimpchampion, Mason, yanblah, Jim Gray, Matt, Aaron Hockley, David Frey, Jeremy Meyers, Chris Kalani, Tac Anderson, J-P Voilleque, Jason Griffith, Frosty Goodness, Koes, Eric, Jacob Golden, Joey Yax, Martha Koenig, Justin Anderson, David Martschinske, Dennis Gutierrez, David Carroll and Fujilives.

It is truly an honor to continue to design, write and speak for an audience that appears to be growing steadily. I’ll continue to push myself to justify your enthusiasm.

Have a wonderful twenty-ten!