Moments in London

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After a wonderful stay in France, we took the Chunnel to London for the remainder of our Honeymoon. The weather wasn’t quite as hospitable, but the city seemed to be no stranger to rain. Being Oregonians, we fit right in and made the most of our time! Here are some of my favorite pictures taken there.

View from the top of the London Eye.
Westminster Abbey was fascinating (and just a little chilling) to wander through. So many tombs!
Inside the Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs!
Stonehenge! (Cue Spinal Tap reference.)
We forgot our healing crystals! Amazing, nonetheless.
After Stonehenge, we explored the Roman Baths.
Our day in Bath was the nicest, weather-wise. This is Bath Abbey close to sunset.
Last full day of our honeymoon. What a journey!