New beginnings

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Apple unveiled iOS 7 this morning, including a dramatic redesign that left many designers gobsmacked.

iOS 7's redesigned dock and icons. (Source)
I'm sure I could nitpick this update to death, bemoaning its rough edges and proclaiming it a step backward. But that would be shortsighted.

Firstly (and most importantly), I haven’t used it yet. I’m excited to. Design is more than veneer, right?

Secondly, I used to think this dock looked amazing:

This calls the trustworthiness of my knee-jerk reactions into question. I’ll give Jony Ive and his team the benefit of the doubt.


Some great points from Cap Watkins:

We asked for a revolution and were delivered one which, all complexities considered, amounts to more than any one of our best first launches.

And also from Frank Chimero:

It’s worth remembering that Ive took over Human Interface only 7 months ago, and they redesigned the whole phone in that time. Straight up: seven months is a ridiculous deadline.