Introducing Brizzly Favicon Alerts

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Brizzly Twitter mascotI love the Internet as a collaboration tool. Earlier today I nabbed an invitation to Brizzly, a promising young Twitter and Facebook client with a clean, intuitive interface and a modest set of neat features. I dug the simplicity of the interface, with one exception; the favicon’s abrasive, jagged edges.

I invited my frequent co-conspirator Peter Wooley to the service. After a few messages between us, we went to work designing and implementing an alternate icon treatment with a special notification state to let you know when new messages are available, collaborating via Dropbox.

In short order, we completed the latest addition to the favicon alerts family of user scripts, Brizzly Favicon Alerts!

Brizzly Favicon Alerts (Before, After and Notification)

Used in combination with the Faviconize Tab extension, you can easily keeps tabs on new messages in Brizzly with less screen real estate than usual.

This feature is hard to enjoy if you aren’t a Brizzly user just yet. While invites aren’t as scarce as Google Wave, I’d be happy to provide one to the first five readers who comment on this post and sound off on how much you like (or dislike) the visual refresh.

Install Brizzly Favicon Alerts 1.0