Indie Game: The Movie

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Tim Sears and I (otherwise known as Backabit) went out and saw the Portland screening of Indie Game: The Movie last evening.

I’m totally biased since I was a Kickstarter backer of the film (it was fun seeing my name in the credits) and because I qualify as an indie game designer… but I think it was the most creatively inspiring documentary I’ve ever seen. I even teared up during a few scenes, especially during Edmund’s reaction to the prospect that Super Meat Boy might be inspiring kids to draw and make games the same way Mario had inspired him. That feeling has some special significance to me.

Toward the beginning of the Q&A session, filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot told us that, during our screening, Phil Fish had announced a release date for Fez. Having just witnessed Phil’s passion and heartache laid bare on the silver screen, our audience couldn’t help but applaud.

Portland was the almost-halfway point for the film’s screening tour. I encourage you to see it if it’s coming your way.