In defense of the internet

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I usually shy away from political issues here or on my public social media channels. If you’re reading this, you probably want to see posts on web design, games, comics and assorted geekery. Other nonsense would seem, well, nonsensical, so I choose to omit it.

I’m making an exception today because SOPA and PIPA threaten to irreparably damage the foundation of the web (DNS) in a futile and misguided attempt to curb piracy. New and innovative apps, websites and social networks could be crippled without sufficient process just to stop a handful of errant users from uploading copyrighted material.

If you’d like to protect this industry’s ability to innovate, please contact your representative and let them know that you disapprove of this legislation.

Here are some helpful resources:

Thank you for indulging this bout of activism. We now return to our regularly scheduled drawings of Rayman holding a Portal gun and Sonic the hedgehog running like an idiot.