Tune In to the Friends Electric Podcast

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Peter Wooley is one of my most frequent co-conspirators. A while back we started working together on a super secret project (sorry, can’t talk about it yet) and had to think up a name for ourselves.

We deliberated without much success for weeks until my girlfriend Mallory suggested “Friends Electric.” Since Peter and I are friends, we make stuff that would be impossible without electricity, and we happen to be Tubeway Army fans, it just made sense.

We’ve kicked around the idea of recording a web designerly podcast for a while, so I was overjoyed when things actually came together. Recorded last Saturday, the inaugural Friends Electric podcast debuts today. We talk about Apple versus Flash versus HTML5. You can listen right away; if you dig it, consider subscribing via iTunes.

This is our first foray into podcast creation, and there are definitely things I’d like to remedy in future episodes. That being said, I’m actually pretty pleased with the end result. We had a blast making it, and we intend to make more, hopefully bringing in guests from in and outside our little Portland design circle. We hope you enjoy it.