Forrst Favicon Redesigned

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Forrst is an awesome new platform for designers and developers to share bits of what they’re working on (my buddy Pasquale created the logo and introductory graphic).

The site and accompanying illustrations are gorgeous, but I wasn’t a fan of the favicon. These alternatives were designed with feedback from the Forrst community here, here and here.

Update (July 19, 2010): Forrst now uses my redesigned icon!

The current former favicon, the logo resized on a white square:

My redesign, taking cues from the web site header:

A wooden alternative (my personal favorite):

I whipped up a userscript for those who’d like to use my alternatives, optimized for Chrome and Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension.

Firefox users can choose between the green and wooden versions by going to Tools, Greasemonkey, UserScript Commands. Forrst has adopted my green favicon as its own, so the script has been updated to apply the wooden version only.

Install Forrst Favicon Redesigned 1.1