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Welcome to the fifteenth iteration of!

A lot has happened in the six years since my last redesign. I launched two new games and a web app. I got married. And most recently, I became part-owner of Cloud Four, a web design consultancy here in Portland.

For most of its existence, this site’s been my portfolio and résumé for prospective employers. Now that I’m an employer myself, its priorities shift closer to what they were in the very beginning: A playful and selfish document of what I’m into and up to.

What’s New

I’ve whittled things down to just three main sections: Projects, About, and an expanded Journal that includes darn near everything I’ve ever blogged about (here or elsewhere).

The design is loosely inspired by the modern-yet-organic feel of 1950s animation. It recklessly pairs Freight Sans for headings with system fonts for body copy… I kept preferring how my articles looked in native feed-reading apps, so I thought I’d try aping that style.

The navigation layout changes based on orientation instead of browser width, relying on viewport units (warts and all) to maintain its proportions. All of the interface imagery is in SVG, which should come as no surprise to viewers of my recent talks.

Gone are social sharing links (I didn’t use them and chances are neither did you), comments (which had understandably dwindled in the gaps between updates) or even a content management system (I’m using some homespun Gulp tasks instead).

What’s Next

I’m having a ball at Cloud Four, where I’ll continue to write about design and front-end goodness. But it’s fun to have a place where I can also talk about topics of personal interest to me, like games, comics, cartoons, music… whatever my geeky heart desires!

If that sounds fun to you, too, I hope you’ll stick around!