Designers, developers and bloggers unite: WordCamp Portland is this September

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WordPress LogoIt’s no secret that I dig WordPress. Heck, this very site is powered by it. In fact, that’s the subject of my session at this year’s WordCamp Portland: WordPress-Powered Portfolios.

A great summary of the event excerpted from Rick Turoczy’s Silicon Florist writeup:

Without a doubt, one of Portland’s favorite blogging platforms is WordPress. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s open source. It’s easy to tweak and extend. And it’s got a great developer community both here in town and throughout the world.

And there’s no better place to learn about using, manipulating, and generally mucking with WordPress than WordCamp Portland.

I’ll have more to say about my presentation as the event approaches (September 19-20 at WebTrends), but I have to point out how stellar my fellow speakers are: Micah Baldwin, Jason Grigsby, Scott Porad and Duane Storey. I think I’m even more excited to attend than to speak!

You can keep an eye on WordCamp Portland developments on their web site or on Twitter.