I’m speaking at CyborgCamp Portland this October

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CyborgCamp 2008 - tylerstickaCyborgCamp (a brainchild of my favorite cyborg anthropologist) is coming to Portland again this October, and I’m a featured speaker! Given the event’s international scope and amazing past speakers (including Ward Cunningham and Bill DeRouchey), I’m truly honored (and just a little terrified).

For those unfamiliar with the event, CyborgCamp is an unconference exploring the future of humans and computers. It started here in Portland in 2008, but has since extended to Seattle and Brasil as well. I designed the circuit-stalk logo, and was a happy attendee at the inaugural event.

I’ll be speaking about the man/machine conflict in popular culture mirroring a similar dichotomy in real life, especially design. It’ll be a fun discussion with plenty of references to Terminator 2, the first Tubeway Army album and those retired Mac versus PC ads.

The event is at WebTrends on Saturday, October 2, from 9am to 6pm. Tickets are just $10 if you buy before September 24, which is an amazing deal considering you’ll also get breakfast and coffee. For more info, check out the CyborgCamp Portland home page or follow @cyborgcamp on Twitter.