Chasing Memorial Day Weekend

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WebVisions 2008 Speaker BadgeThe purpose of this weekend seemed to be, in addition to commemorating the sacrifices of those who died while in military service, to inundate oneself with as much media as humanly possible.

It began on Thursday as the WebVisions attendees gathered in seven early-morning sessions and workshops, mine being one of them. I had over-prepared for my presentation, so my apologies to any attendees who found a jam-packed 2 hour, 45 minute presentation on design/development practices a bit overwhelming; it goes without saying that I have a passion for the subject matter. Many thanks to those in attendance, I hope you found the experience as informative as I did fun!

As promised, the equation for calculating even columns in your mockup (with even margin and gutter space) is as follows:

Column Width = (d-m(n+1))/n

And a fantastic HTML special character reference is available on Wikipedia.

Following the first day of WebVisions, I won a WebVisionary Award for Ramps! Many thanks to the esteemed judges for the honor.

I spent the remainder of the weekend enjoying the great line-up at this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival. There was much musical goodness to absorb (including a surprisingly awesome performance by the Blue Scholars) but The Breeders and The Cure definitely stole the show for me.

the cure

Needless to say, a breathlessly active weekend.