My Favorite Cyborg Anthropologist

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I’m delighted to say that Portland’s own Amber Case (@caseorganic to many of you) has been highlighted in Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology 2010. I’m also pleased that they chose to feature the CyborgCamp logo she and I created in collaboration with volunteers.

Amber is a rare and invaluable personality. I’m fortunate to have a circle of friends who continually challenge me with their ideas and accomplishments; Amber has an abundance of that amazing quality.

When we first met to discuss possibilities for the CyborgCamp logo at Backspace, Amber quickly took me away from the comfort of my sketchbook and tablet PC and to a local gallery. The work displayed there combined organic forms with man-made objects in unexpected ways. These spontaneous unions proved immensely inspirational for the entirety of the project.

That’s Amber in a nutshell (specifically, a hazelnut shell). She shifts you from your typical frame of reference, forcing you to stumble upon a unique (and ultimately more compelling) solution.

Basically, Amber rocks. Go read the article.

Photograph by Mark Colman.