Cartoon Commodities and Opulence Women’s Spa

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Simian Sensibilities Bamboo Serving Tray

Dig cartoons? Dig stuff? Then come see cartoons on stuff this Saturday, April 26th at the opening of my “Cartoon Commodities” show at Tatuit Studio in Portland.

The show will feature my cartoon art laser-etched onto affordable, daily objects such as serving trays, wine glasses, cutting boards and coasters. These main attractions will be complimented by a smattering of my traditional work adorning the walls. The gallery is open from 4pm - 7pm, and I’ll be there chatting with any ear that’ll listen.

Tatuit is located at 2368 NW Thurman, Portland, Oregon 97210. Map, directions and contact info.

opulence_small.jpgIn other news, Opulence Women’s Spa in Hillsboro will begin accepting appointments as of May 1st. I designed their site, logo, signage and identity materials and it’s been an absolute blast watching this endeavor come to fruition. Having seen it myself, I can say that the spa area is deeply relaxing and comfortable, and the expertise of the esthetician at hand is bar-none. Ladies in the area, treat yourself to giving it a look (and guys, it doesn’t make a half-bad birthday/anniversary/belated-birthday present either).