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Link’s archnemesis and Princess Zelda’s frequent captor (often in human form as Ganondorf).

This is the last drawing of this batch and by far the most challenging. It took three attempts, and I cheated a little by combining different elements of Ganon’s design from the NES game, A Link to the Past and the Oracle GBC games. Hopefully the spirit of the character remains intact!

King Dedede

Kirby’s main antagonist with one of his Waddle Dee minions close behind.

Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde

The original four Pac-Man ghosts with the funniest nicknames ever.

(I bet Clyde is the black sheep of the group.)

Donkey Kong

My friend Colter asked if I was planning on drawing any more classic game villains. They’re fun to draw, so I whipped up a few this weekend.

Here’s my portrayal of Donkey Kong as he appeared in his eponymous 1981 arcade game. He eventually grew old and became Cranky Kong, because video games are silly.


Drawing of Wario

When I was a kid, I remember Wario being way more intimidating to me than Bowser. A malevolent Bizarro Mario with a Cheshire Cat grin and Marty Feldman eyes… creepy!