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TweetPlus Wins WebVisionary Award

I was surprised and happy this past Thursday to take home an adorable little robot trophy from the WebVisionary Awards for my Twitter/Google Feed API mashup, TweetPlus.

I’m humbled to have been selected by such an amazing panel of judges (including Armin Vit and Brad Smith) in a competition dominated largely by accomplished companies like ISITE, Pop Art, eROI, Fashion Buddha and many more. It’s an honor to have even been nominated.

My succinct acceptance speech went something like this:

Since I created TweetPlus by myself, I have no co-conspirators to thank. So instead, I’d like to thank every other web nerd out there who creates apps just for the fun of it.
Thanks to everyone who offered words of encouragement and praise. Maybe now I’ll have to think about a TweetPlus update with OPML support for mass subscribing. What do you think?

TweetPlus Nominated for WebVisionary Award

I’m thrilled that TweetPlus (my other Twitter app) is a finalist in the “Mashup” category of the 2010  WebVisionary Awards.

Sometimes, 140 characters just isn’t enough. TweetPlus uses the nifty Twitter and Google Feed APIs to show you where people you follow are blogging.

A companion to the excellent WebVisions conference, the WebVisionary Awards Show is open to attendees and non-attendees alike. Join me this coming Thursday at the Someday Lounge for food, drink, PowerPoint karaoke and to witness the fate of TweetPlus.

Find where your Twitter friends blog with TweetPlus

In a matter not entirely unlike Isaac Newton’s obsession fascination with alchemy, I find it difficult to stop making mashups. I’m fascinated by the wealth of publicly-accessible information we have at our fingertips, and my gut tells me greater understanding may be earned should I discover the right combination. Like my Twitter/Flickr mashup Portwiture before it, this latest experiment was born out of both this desire and a healthy sense of play.

TweetPlusTweetPlus uses the Twitter and Google AJAX Feed APIs to find where your friends are blogging. Simply enter your (or any user’s) Twitter username and TweetPlus will find their friends, ask Google where they blog and show you the results. If you enjoy what your friends are saying in your Twitter feed, you may just discover a wealth of wonderful content that exists beyond the limits of 140 characters.

I’m certainly not oblivious to the potential criticisms of this application; one might call it a “Twitter inflater.” But unlike Portwiture, it is not without obvious utility; I’m happy to have found at least a dozen new blogs I continue to enjoy thanks to the service.

Take a look yourself, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments. You may just find your new favorite blog!