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Join me for rapid-fire ideas at Ignite Bridgetown (Update: Canceled)

Update (February 4): Ignite Bridgetown has been given the axe. This article recounts the whole story. Twitter reads like a transcript of Maury today. What a mess. :(

Comparatively un-salacious original post

Ignite is returning to Portland this Thursday, February 5 thanks to Portland Startup Week, and I’m happy to be among the dozen speakers invited to participate.

From the event description:

Welcome to Ignite. Where each speaker gets a chance to present for five minutes. The catch? They only get 20 slides, no more, no less. And the presentation auto-advances every 15 seconds. Whether the speaker is ready or not. Once the presentation begins, it doesn’t stop until the last speaker drops the mic. For the speaker, it’s challenging. For the audience, it’s entertaining. But no matter what happens, it’s an unforgettable experience for everyone in the theater.

I’ve attended Ignite events in the past and they’ve always been fun. This one’s at OMSI’s Empirical Theater. Tickets are free but seating is limited, so RSVP soon!

Photo credit: jpellgen on Flickr

Side Projects That Ship at Refresh Portland: Slides and more

I had a great time speaking at Refresh Portland last evening! The presentation I gave differed ever so slightly from the one I gave in May, so here’s a fresh set of slides (plus accompanying notes and citations). You can also check out @RefreshPDX on Twitter, which diligently tweeted much of the proceedings.

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(Iconography and typefaces are the same as they were at WebVisions.)

I’ll be discussing team management at PDX Interactive tomorrow

PDX Interactive is hosting “An Open Discussion on Managing Interactive Teams” at The Art Institute of Portland tomorrow night at 7pm. I’ll be on a panel with folks from McAfee, The Good and SuperStar Media to chat about our experiences as managers of interaction-minded people. Admission is free (yay!).

I started managing designers in an agency environment with large, corporate clients. I recently transitioned to a remote position at a stealth startup, working on products with collaborators who are often thousands of miles away. The shift has reinforced some of my preconceptions about creative leadership while disrupting others. I’m excited to discuss the topic.

(I’ve heard through the grapevine that the moderator will be Dan Chapman, who was one of my professors in college. He taught me how to make my first prototypes for Ramps. So, bonus positive vibes.)

Event info and RSVP

Designers, developers and bloggers unite: WordCamp Portland is this September

WordPress LogoIt’s no secret that I dig WordPress. Heck, this very site is powered by it. In fact, that’s the subject of my session at this year’s WordCamp Portland: WordPress-Powered Portfolios.

A great summary of the event excerpted from Rick Turoczy’s Silicon Florist writeup:

Without a doubt, one of Portland’s favorite blogging platforms is WordPress. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s open source. It’s easy to tweak and extend. And it’s got a great developer community both here in town and throughout the world.

And there’s no better place to learn about using, manipulating, and generally mucking with WordPress than WordCamp Portland.

I’ll have more to say about my presentation as the event approaches (September 19-20 at WebTrends), but I have to point out how stellar my fellow speakers are: Micah Baldwin, Jason Grigsby, Scott Porad and Duane Storey. I think I’m even more excited to attend than to speak!

You can keep an eye on WordCamp Portland developments on their web site or on Twitter.