TweetDeck Replacement Icons

TweetDeck Replacement Icons Preview

Like many Twitter users, I’m a big fan of the Adobe AIR application TweetDeck, which allows users to manage an overwhelming stream of content through the creation of custom groups. The application icon has never fit particularly well on my desktop, so I designed a new one.

I love TweetDeck’s default noir-ish black theme, but the black icon often “sunk” into the icon or taskbar (especially for Vista users). The new icon takes many value cues from the application itself, but in a counter shape forgiving of varying desktops and themes. And since users are allowed to skin the interface with their own custom colors, why not include a few different flavors as well?

If you’d like to use these icons yourself, you can download the ZIP file (579kb) containing all six colors in ICO, ICNS and PNG formats. Enjoy!

Update (4/11): There’s an updated set of TweetDeck icons designed to be more in line with the application’s current aesthetic.

Through the Looking-Glass

Refresh PortlandThough I’m itching to talk about the launch of Google Chrome, you’ll have to wait till next Wednesday, September 10th at 6:30pm to hear it. That’s when I’ll be speaking at Jive Software for the inaugural Refresh Portland event, an opportunity for discussion with “designers interested in refreshing the creative, technical, and professional culture in the Portland area.”

I hope you’ll join me and your fellow Refresh Portland attendees as we peer into the wonderful world of user experience and discuss the current and future state of the web, including that holy grail of interactive design: making interactions more human.

I hope to see you there (RSVP) and for dinner and drinks at Henry’s following the presentation. For more information, see the beautiful Refresh Portland site.

Chasing Memorial Day Weekend

WebVisions 2008 Speaker BadgeThe purpose of this weekend seemed to be, in addition to commemorating the sacrifices of those who died while in military service, to inundate oneself with as much media as humanly possible.

It began on Thursday as the WebVisions attendees gathered in seven early-morning sessions and workshops, mine being one of them. I had over-prepared for my presentation, so my apologies to any attendees who found a jam-packed 2 hour, 45 minute presentation on design/development practices a bit overwhelming; it goes without saying that I have a passion for the subject matter. Many thanks to those in attendance, I hope you found the experience as informative as I did fun!

As promised, the equation for calculating even columns in your mockup (with even margin and gutter space) is as follows:

Column Width = (d-m(n+1))/n

  • d = Design Width
  • m = Margin/Gutter Width
  • n = Number of Columns
And a fantastic HTML special character reference is available on Wikipedia.

Following the first day of WebVisions, I won a WebVisionary Award for Ramps! Many thanks to the esteemed judges for the honor.

I spent the remainder of the weekend enjoying the great line-up at this year’s Sasquatch Music Festival. There was much musical goodness to absorb (including a surprisingly awesome performance by the Blue Scholars) but The Breeders and The Cure definitely stole the show for me.

the cure

Needless to say, a breathlessly active weekend.

Reminder: Workshop at WebVisions

tsticka_workshop_slides-1.jpgThe Control Freak’s Guide to Design for the Web happens this Thursday, 9:00am (iCal) at the Oregon Convention Center as part of the WebVisions conference, and I couldn’t be any more excited to share this presentation with you. It’s going to be fast-paced, fun and extremely visual, with a good mixture of conceptual design theory and down-and-dirty practical techniques for maintaining your vision against overwhelming odds.

This workshop is in many ways a culmination of the thoughts and ideas I spotlighted in my Designing Internet Text course for Art Institute and This is Not a Graphic Design. I think it’ll be valuable to all in attendance, and there’s still time to register!

The conference as a whole looks to be great this year (I’m really looking forward to Searn Larkin’s Drupal talk), and don’t forget to check out the WebVisionary Awards Thursday evening. See you there!

Cartoon Commodities and Opulence Women’s Spa

Simian Sensibilities Bamboo Serving Tray

Dig cartoons? Dig stuff? Then come see cartoons on stuff this Saturday, April 26th at the opening of my “Cartoon Commodities” show at Tatuit Studio in Portland.

The show will feature my cartoon art laser-etched onto affordable, daily objects such as serving trays, wine glasses, cutting boards and coasters. These main attractions will be complimented by a smattering of my traditional work adorning the walls. The gallery is open from 4pm – 7pm, and I’ll be there chatting with any ear that’ll listen.

Tatuit is located at 2368 NW Thurman, Portland, Oregon 97210. Map, directions and contact info.

opulence_small.jpgIn other news, Opulence Women’s Spa in Hillsboro will begin accepting appointments as of May 1st. I designed their site, logo, signage and identity materials and it’s been an absolute blast watching this endeavor come to fruition. Having seen it myself, I can say that the spa area is deeply relaxing and comfortable, and the expertise of the esthetician at hand is bar-none. Ladies in the area, treat yourself to giving it a look (and guys, it doesn’t make a half-bad birthday/anniversary/belated-birthday present either).