Colorpeek for Chrome (and on CSS-Tricks)

Hey, remember Colorpeek, my web app for quickly sharing and previewing colors? Well, good news: I just released an accompanying Chrome extension that makes the creation of palettes from text, webpages or images even easier!

I’m honored to announce the extension in an article I wrote for CSS-Tricks, one of my favorite blogs and an indispensable resource for any self-respecting web designer. Stay tuned for Part Two, which will walk through the process of making your own simple Chrome extension. (Update: Part Two is now available!)

And if you use Chrome and dig Colorpeek, try the darn extension already!

Goku and Bulma

Art submission for Dragon Ball Zine. My first exposure to Dragon Ball was a second-hand copy of the first Viz reprint, so Goku’s initial encounters with Bulma are some of my faves.

Colorpeek is Demolicious

I know it’s almost Labor Day weekend, but before you let your brain check out you should really add Demolicious Portland to your plans for this coming Wednesday, September 4.

I’ll be one of several creative types demonstrating a passion project on-stage for some honest and incisive feedback. I’m excited to show off a Chrome extension I’ve been building for Colorpeek. (I know I’ll use it, but I’m curious if others will, too.)

Registration is free and the fun starts at 5pm at the Mission Theater. Be there, or be considerably more square-shaped than those in attendance!

Super secret new Colorpeek features

 I’ve been waiting to blog about this till I had a chance to redesign Colorpeek to better communicate these features, but it’s been two weeks and I want to show off. My app, my rules, right? Here we go…

Drag and drop images

You can now drag and drop image files into Colorpeek and watch it magically grab the most prominent colors in supported browsers. This is helpful if you want to start a new palette from existing source imagery, and it’s possible thanks to Lokesh Dhakar’s awesome Color Thief script.

Export palette to various text formats

Let’s say you’ve got a rather attractive palette all ready to go, but you don’t want to copy and paste every value individually.

Now you can hit the share button and choose “Export.” You can copy the values in a few different formats: Plain text, JSON, LESS, SCSS or Stylus. Let me know if I’m missing a format you’d like!

Yada yada yada

I bumped Knockout to version 2.3.0 and updated the brand color keywords.

Wait, why are you still reading this? Go try it already!


Link’s archnemesis and Princess Zelda’s frequent captor (often in human form as Ganondorf).

This is the last drawing of this batch and by far the most challenging. It took three attempts, and I cheated a little by combining different elements of Ganon’s design from the NES game, A Link to the Past and the Oracle GBC games. Hopefully the spirit of the character remains intact!