'Tis the season to be relaunched

Welcome to the new Tyler Sticka dot com! This design has been a pet project of mine for quite a while now, and it is incredibly satisfying (not to mention cathartic) to finally unveil it.

The old site served me well, but there were many issues (both aesthetically and behind the scenes) I was enthusiastic to remedy.

Some highlights:

  • Simplified portfolio layout; explore any content (including 11 new pieces) that grabs you visually! No more narrowing down by category or duplicated content.
  • Greatly expanded journal, with more reader-friendly line lengths, better categorization and tagging, more usable archives and, most importantly, commenting!
  • A page full of extras, including some classic webcomics, downloads and links to products featuring my work. Also includes the brand new comic “Stan the Cat Goes Nuts!”
  • Progressive enhancement! Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari users will not be burdened with IE fixes and adjustments (hint, hint).
With Wordpress 2.7 and it’s new, gorgeous UI, I’m looking forward to blogging more meaningfully, more often. I’ll be discussing new media (i.e., the web), technology, art, design, rock n’ roll and anything else with relevance and resonance.

This new phase of my online presence is just beginning, but let me know what you think so far. I’d love to hear from you!