Put it up to eleven (adjustments and improvements)

Nigel Tufnel putting it up to elevenYou may notice a few things have changed here since yesterday. As Oregon’s bizarre heat wave extended its grip into August, I took some time to subtly update various bits of the site from the comfort of my living room.

If you happen to notice anything broken, please contact me or leave a comment and let me know. Here’s what changed:

  • Updated the footer with my latest tweet and links to external projects
  • Implemented social media icons for ease-of-sharing journal entries and portfolio items
  • Thumbnail navigation in portfolio items has been replaced with simple pagination
  • Added a “Skip Navigation” link to increase accessibility
  • Adjusted focus styles for better keyboard navigation support
  • Outbound and image links now open in a new window or tab
  • Each month has a different color band in the journal date display
  • Other subtle things. Take a look around!

I also posted two new work samples from my time at McAfee: Global Icon Strategy and Security for Mac.

What do you think of the social media icons? If I released them under a Creative Commons license (Komodo Media style), would you use them?

Update (8/5): Thanks for the response, the Ice Cream Social Icon Pack is now available!