Best web design app ever

This is my feature request list for an honest-to-goodness visual design tool for the web. Adobe Fireworks debuted thirteen years ago, so maybe someone’s working on it right now. The web’s magic like that!

In no particular order and with absolutely no feasibility research…

  • Browser type previews (“Safari on OS X,” “IE8 on Windows 7,” etc.)
  • Straightforward effects palette but with support for re-ordering and repeated effects
  • CSS code snippets for effects (shadows, gradients, etc.)
  • Vector objects with pixel snapping
  • Smart objects but with optional file linking (with automatic updates)
  • Integrated grid builder
  • Object styles, library assets and interaction states (hover, active, focus, target, custom)
  • Project files with support for multiple pages with multiple layouts
  • Browser-viewable design previews with Recurse-style background image stretching
  • Google Web Font previewing (maybe even Typekit with a paid account?)

What do you think? Are these pipe dreams?

Thanks Calvin, Erik and David for ideas and inspiration!