Some odds and ends.

It’s tough finding a place for every single thing. This is my web site’s attic.


Attractive PHP-based directory listings! The default theme is responsive, but creating additional themes is easy thanks to Mustache templating support. There’s also a built-in Markdown viewer.

Ice Cream Social icon pack

Set of 30 social media icons you can use in your designs. Originally created for a previous iteration of this site, each icon is 16 square pixels in size and provided as an alpha-transparent PNG.

Hip Slop typeface

A desktop font I created for fun after photographing some of the graffiti in Portland’s Pearl District. It was featured in the August 2009 issue of Digital Arts magazine in the UK. Not foundry quality, but good for some scenarios.

Gmail Favicon Alerts 3

This Greasemonkey script updates the Gmail favicon to show the unread item count and chat notifications. It’s developed by my pal Peter Wooley, with iconography and pixel numerals designed by yours truly.

Remember The Milk Favicon Redesigned

I gave Remember The Milk‘s favicon some pixel-friendly TLC just for the heck of it. You can, too, thanks to this handy Greasemonkey script.


Created by Josh Karlin, Launchy is a powerful and extremely customizable app launcher for Windows, Mac and Linux. I designed the default skin and app icon for the 2.0 release, which was featured on Lifehacker for its added polish.

TweetDeck replacement icons

A substitute TweetDeck icon I whipped up a few years ago shortly after the app debuted. Google Image Search has made it a fairly popular solution for folks looking to change up the icon (the internet is funny sometimes).


A comic book anthology originally published in digest format with proceeds benefiting Save the Children. Includes stories by a wide range of artists, with a lovely cover by Tony Papesh. Now available for free in multiple file formats.

Stan the Cat Goes Nuts!

A silly infinite canvas comic about a plucky squirrel mistaking Stan the Cat for an acorn. As one might expect, hilarity ensues!

Seashore Story

Jaded by humankind’s polluting of his undersea kingdom, a fearsome sea monster takes his frustration out on some hapless kid.

Originally a mini-comic I printed up and passed around at the 2006 Stumptown Comics Fest. Copies were given to Scott McCloud, Michel Gagné and Scott C, all of whom were tremendously nice. Michel even added me to his list of artist’s links, a real honor.


A wordless story about a wizard conjuring a deity to restore life to a barren landscape. Originally drawn in storyboard form during a brief flirtation with animation.

George the Misunderstood Elf

An elf’s strange holiday journey of self-discovery. Possibly the most-forwarded webcomic on this page. Apologies for the copious amounts of “outer glow” in use, I was young and didn’t know any better.

Future Tale

A purposely aliased, cyberpunk, infinite canvas webcomic created in 2003. It was around this time that Scott McCloud called me “a smart young artist to keep our eyes on,” which made my year.


One of several odd infinite canvas webcomics I created in 2003 and 2004. This one was improvised in Photoshop with a mouse; hopefully the earnestness of it is somewhat endearing!


Sample comics I created as a proposal for an ongoing Modern Tales pitch back in 2004. They owe a pretty heavy debt to The Maxx, Krazy Kat and just a pinch of Looney Tunes.