Cloud Four (plus one)

The folks at Cloud Four are awesome. Their responsible mobile experiences make the web a better place. They give illuminating talks and helpful workshops. They wrote the book on this stuff, for crying out loud! And starting Monday, they’ll have one more designer in their ranks.

I’m proud to be joining a team that’s been a consistent source of inspiration for me since 2009. Job titles are tricky… we went back and forth until Lyza suggested “Design Architect.” I hope it hints at visual design, front-end and UX skills while avoiding the more unpleasant connotations of “Web Designer.”

 I’ll be capping off my first day (March 25) with Mobile Portland, 6pm at Urban Airship. If you’re there, you should come say “hi!”

I want to thank the team at WishPop for the opportunity. It was a wild ride, and I learned a ton. I’m looking forward to seeing where they take the app next!


David says

Congrats dude!! Super excited for you! :) Lunch sooooon


Tyler Sticka says

Thanks, David! Lunch shall be ours for the taking.


Jason Grigsby says

I honestly thought I was the most excited person that Tyler is joining Cloud Four, but based on David’s photo, I think he has me beat. :-)


Eddie says

Great place for you to land. They are lucky to have you.


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