Better Brizzly Social Icons

Now that the awesome Brizzly web app has integrated my revision of their 16-pixel icon, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a responsibility to its continued iconographic success.

Sometime last week, the folks at Thing Labs debuted a nifty new navigation paradigm with the addition of service-specific tabs. My pal Calvin Ross Carl hepped me to their inclusion, and we both noticed two oddities in their implementation.

The Twitter and Facebook icons are being sized down to fit the height of the tab, resulting in some degradation of quality as the browser struggles to choose the right pixels to maintain or omit. Secondly, if Helvetica Neue is not installed, a CSS bug may cause a serif font family to display instead of a sans-serif.

Since my Ice Cream Social Icon Pack seemed visually harmonious with the revised bear, I decided to remedy both of these problems via a quick user script. The result is much more consistent with the rest of the Brizzly header:

Firefox users must install the Greasemonkey extension to use the script, Chrome users can install it like any other extension. It has been tested in Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5 and Opera 10.5 on a Windows 7 PC.

Install Better Brizzly Social Icons 1.1

1.1 Update: Fixed to work with the Picnic update, though no Picnic icon has been created… yet!


Felipe Ventura says

Thank you! The top bar of the new Brizzly design is kinda fugly. “Twitter” and “Facebook” are written in, what, Times New Roman because I don’t have Helvetica? Seriously now?

That said… it doesn’t work under Chrome 6.0.408.1 dev. :( I tried logging off and on again, enabling and disabling the extension, clearing the Brizzly cookie, but nothing worked. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for updates! (It could be Chrome’s fault, though.)

Thanks anyway!

Also: do you have your very own URL shortener (, or do you use a third-party service?


Tyler Sticka says

The script is working fine for me in 6.0.408.1 dev, though I did just make a very small change. Try uninstalling and reinstalling one more time. If it still doesn’t work, please let me know what OS you’re using. Thanks in advance!

I rolled my own shortener using YOURLS, an open source package with a nifty WordPress plugin.


Felipe Ventura says

It works now, thanks!


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