Sticky Note Doodles

Lately, a large amount of my time has been devoted to discovery and ideation exercises. What’s somewhat liberating about these projects is how little computer work is required. For days or weeks at a time my tool set may consist largely of markers, masking tape, push-pins and, above all, sticky notes.

These activities benefit from embracing a sense of playfulness, which only encourages my ever-present habit of compulsive doodling.

I found this latest crop more amusing than most, so I thought I’d share. Many underestimate the opportunity for drawing and illustration in the field of experience design, but they’re mistaken. These modest, innocuous artifacts are merely a hint at the wealth of drawings I create with each and every project.


John Schroedl says

Interesting, thanks for sharing.These are

As an utter novice, may I ask: What’s the masking tape for? masking areas during inking?



Tyler Sticka says

To stick things to boards, to augment post-it notes and pieces of paper, to establish grids or lines from one thing to another. I’ll occasionally use some string to serve similar purposes.


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