Ignite: 3 Caricatures in 15 Seconds

img_0015Ignite Portland is an awesome event wherein presenters are given five minutes and 20 slides (automatically rotating every 15 seconds) to get a message across. This year they debuted a new aspect of the event, the “15 Seconds of Flame,” wherein video clips of the same duration as a presenter’s slide peppered the larger event.

I had a blast creating three submissions with Jordan Thompson of Valeo Visual, each demonstrating the process of caricaturing one of three well-known political figures. If you didn’t catch these short little segments at the event, check them out here:

The presenters all did an amazing job (Bram’s slides were some of the most attractive I’ve ever seen). You can catch the next Ignite on July 16.


Michael Reese says

Tyler… These are really funny. Even more enjoyable is the way that you presented them. It reminds me of something from G4 for some reason. I saw that you and Colleen are working together. How is the new diggs? Anyway…good drawing bud. Hey!! I just thought of something… If u ever want to make a tv show thats about your drawing or design let me know cause Im a producer a TVCTV and can get that on Public TV. ok… no more from me… ROFLCOPTERS!!


Jordan Thompson says

It was a blast! Tim & Eric style video next.


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